Framed Weathered Rustic French Grain Sack Sign Esmery


Celebrate a bygone era. Inspired by the early 1900s French Esmery Caron vintage grain sacks, this farmhouse chic sign will add a pleasant smile to your space. Lovingly distressed and meticulously framed in rustic weathered wood, it’s a Parisian art piece that’s fantastically fun and so very you.

Rustic French Grain Sack Style Sign
• Inspired by unique and rare French burlap jute grain sacks
• Design features antique white background, gentle irregular blue stripes, and distressed soft black lettering
• Pick your favorite — Esmery-Caron or Julien Voisin or choose the set!
• Choose weathered blue stripe ticking or go without
• Two frame colors to choose from — walnut and a grayish brown
• Each sign measures approx. 12¾” x 12¾” square
• Skillfully crafted using high-end materials
• Features meticulous dado insets, mitered corners, and highest quality of wood
• Wearing a fanciful French beret not required while enjoying this sign

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